House Examinations

  1. House examinations will be conducted as per University rules and academic calendar.
  2. House exams will be strictly based on the pattern & style laid down by the Panjab University.
  3. It is compulsory for a student to appear in the house examinations and secure at least 25% marks in aggregate. A student who fails to fulfill the necessary conditions laid down by Panjab University for appearing in the final examination will be detained.
  4. Absentees from the House Examination are considered to have failed and are dealt with accordingly. Such students will be fined Rs.100/- per paper in addition to the other disciplinary action that may be considered necessary.
  5. Internal assessment of each student will be sent to the University on the basis of their attendance, marks secured in house examinations and assignments given to them by their class teachers.
  6. It is the responsibility of the parents/ guardians to enquire about the performance of their wards regarding attendance and examinations.
  7. A candidate will have to pass in Theory and Practical separately.

University Examinations

  1. A student is required to attend 75% of lectures and tutorials in each subject offered to be counted till last date of the session before preparatory holiday.
  2. A student is required to submit university form along with the prescribed examination fee.
  3. A candidate has to obtain minimum passing marks as per PU guidelines that are mentioned below:
  4. For B.Com course 35% marks in each paper and in aggregate as well.
  5. For BBA course 40% marks are required in each paper and in aggregate as well.
  6. It is mandatory for a student to score qualifying marks in House exams as per college rules.

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