Lok Padma Jain Library

Integrated Knowledge Resource Centre

Library is a storehouse of knowledge and an importantcornerstone of a healthy community, which gives students an opportunity toexperience new ideas and explore new horizons, that broaden their minds tocommand better grasp over the subject. Our college library the collection ofabout three thousand volumes and latest journals of national and internationalrepute in the fields of Commerce, Business Management economics and Computer Applications College library consists of the ReadingHall, a Periodical Section and a Reference Section Objective of library is to fulfill theneeds of the students, and build preserve collection of specialized literature in Commerce and Management fields. Our library is also providing the facility of Book Bank for the financially weaker students.

Library Rules

1. Students are entitled to be issued specific number of books at a time as follows:Post-Graduate classes can be issued three books and Under-Graduate classes can be issued two books.

2. Text books will be issued to students for 14 days. A fine of Rs. 1/- per volume per day will be charged for books returned after due date.

3. Books issued from the library will be checked very carefully and in no case be underlined or disfigured. Students will be required to replace the book this is disfigured beyond a limit.

4. The librarian is empowered to recall any book at any time.

5. Reference books,rare books and periodicals will not be issued except for consultation in the library, during working hours.

6. The students are expected to observe silence and decorum in the library.

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