Dr. Sandeep Kumar


The aim of our college is to help our students to grow into fine human beings who are capable to face challenges of the present world.


Venerating the travels in this voyage of mind, heart and spirit, I cherish this period ofthe year for you being enrolled in Shree Atam Vallabh Jain College, a renowned and premier institution of Ludhiana since 2010. SAVJC is well-known for its commitment to academic excellence and intellectual capital in the crucial times of pandemic.

Being the Principal of the college, I aim to transform individuals through quality education that is research-informed and industry-engaged with my well-learned team members. This is supported by a commitment to ethical approaches in everything we do which enable us to respect, nurture, and support every student and helping them to achieve their best.

We believe that an institution must be led by a set of shared beliefs as education is a covenant between educators and the community. Hence, SAVJC intends topursue a multi-stakeholder consultation approach, in which students, teachers,and staff, as well as alumni and other stakeholders, including the media, playa vital role. We have a mammoth task of employing higher education as a means of attaining peace and development for all.

Students from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences are embraced and welcomehere. We value them as individuals and prepare them for team work ahead in the manifold endeavours. Students recognize this as the moment they walk through our door and thrive in the close-knit atmosphere. When they leave, they do soas our best and brightest because we foster their potential and brilliance.

Let us work towards enriching ourselves with meaningful curricular and extracurricular transactions. Let us make our dreams a reality and explore our reality and the future as a family.

May you be blessed with eternal sunshine and happiness!

Dr. Sandeep Kumar

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